Thursday, May 3, 2007

[Google Tips]: Use Gmail as a Hard Drive

Gmail is providing you more than 2 GB space. So, why not to use this space? You can use Gmail as a network drive on your PC. Yes!

It looks and feels just a regular hard drive. And it’s as simple to use as you might hope, if you are Windows user.

Go to and download a copy of GMail Drive. After downloading extract and install the files. You will see a GMail Drive in your My Computer. Click on that drive and you will be prompted for login as show in the picture:-

Copy and paste your files from your local hard drive to GMail Drive.

And your files will appear in your gmail inbox as mails.

Happy GMailing to all Googlians!


sm riad said...

gr8. i am trying to do do this. it may be very much helpful. thanks a lot.

S.A.M. said...

its simply great sharing. Thanks again for ur sharing mind

moin said...

nice.i also used it is really nice opportunity for us and thanks to Rony vai for providing this excillent information .

RaihanHBH said...

Pathetic! I have been using Google/Gmail for a long time but I could not find such a information earlier. I came to know about this feature from ur blog. Really gr8.(Who ? you ? or Gmail’s feature ?)

Mohammad said...

thanks for submit this topic. I hope that we are found new topics in every week from you.

Pearl said...

Interesting to know.